Range of applications
Aeromobile hospitals

Many calamities have occurred on Earth over the past decades:

  • devastating natural disasters
  • extreme weather events
  • major man-made disasters
  • social unrest
  • military conflicts
  • and the coronavirus pandemic.

Millions of civilians needed medical care and temporary shelter, and the military and rescue teams needed to create the necessary conditions and infrastructure to overcome the disaster in a matter of hours.

The best solution, according to experts, was the Pneumo-Framed Quick-Erected Structures of rubberized fabrics and Kevlar coating from the PNEVMOMODUL NPO Company.

Reliable and multifunctional products based on pneumatic frame modules have proven itself all over the world. The products have been and still are used both in the Russian Federation and abroad. These products are also used to combat the epidemic COVID-19.

Products are used by construction, oil and gas companies in exploration, drilling, repair and construction works.

Our products are included by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the register of industrial products of the Russian Federation.

The Centrospas team owns a large number of aero-mobile hospitals for various purposes, manufactured by our organization. In 2016, the Centrospas unit was one of three emergency medical teams on the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Register of Emergency Medical Teams, using aero-mobile hospitals to respond to emergencies on multiple occasions.

This event confirms the compliance of our aero-mobile hospitals with WHO international standards and, most importantly, the readiness of specialists, when equipped with our products, to provide qualified aid in calamity and disaster areas. According to the UN, the Centrospas mobile hospital was recognized as the most effective among hospitals of this type. There are no other mobile hospitals on the world market that are as effective, so the experience of working with them is being adopted by foreign colleagues.