Differential pressure controller DPC-1-16А

The differential pressure controller is designed for continuous - both automatic and manual - control of the supercharger operation in order to maintain the required excess air pressure in the pneumatic module frame. DPC also serves as a distribution board for power supply network of pneumo module consumers ~220V 50Hz. DPC should be operated in the pneumatic frame structures’ rooms with relative air humidity not exceeding 98% at +25°С. DPC is supplied in the same enclosure with a circuit breaker of the pneumo module lighting network and GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) with built-in overcurrent protection (“differential automatic device”) of consumer sockets. A pressure switch is connected to the DPC housing (a complete DPC article); A shipping case is supplied as a complete set and serves for transportation and storage of the DPC, pressure switch and connecting cables.


Operating mode

Continuous manual or automatic

Maintained overpressure in the pneumatic frame of the module in automatic mode, kPa
Maximum permissible basic error, not more, %
Supply voltage, V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz
Power consumed by the DPC, not more, W
DPC switching capacity by rated current of the supercharger, A
до 16
Dimensions of the transport case (LxWxH), mm

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