Heating and ventilating unit HVAC -15/HVAC -22

Heating and ventilating units (HVAC -15 and HVAC -22) are designed for heating and ventilation of pneumatic frame modules in order to maintain normal living conditions in them. The advantage of such heating and ventilating units is automatic start-up and climate control. That is, such a heater, being outdoors, is started by pressing one button and then controlled by a thermostat, which is located inside the Pneumo-Framed Quick-Erected Structures.

HVAC units have the ability to operate in two independent modes: heating mode and ventilation mode. HVAC units are mounted in a rigid aluminum alloy metal enclosure. All seams are welded together as an all-welded joint to provide sealing of the HVAC unit enclosure sheet joints, as well as to increase the rigidity of the enclosure as a whole. The bottom of the enclosure has a rounded shape from the ends to make it easier to move the heater on snow surface. The HVAC units are mounted outside the module when in operation. A fire extinguisher is mounted on the outside of the enclosure, which is part of the unit. To supply air to the module, the HVAC unit is equipped with a hose made of heavy-duty flame-resistant synthetic fabric on a spiral metal frame. The exhaust pipe is led upwards above its cover to the height of 0.8 m, which prevents the penetration of exhaust gases inside the module. HVAC units are equipped with an automatic start-up and shutdown system associated with an air temperature controller installed inside the module, allowing the heating and ventilating unit to be operated from the comfort of the outside. In the transport position all elements of the HVAC unit (air supply hose, exhaust pipe, fire extinguisher, temperature regulator, power cable and filling funnel) are placed in its enclosure.

HVAC-22 has a “winter set” (heating of control board and fuel filter). Fuel supply to the combustion chamber of HVAC-22 is carried out by a high-pressure fuel pump.


Heat output, at least, kW
Rated fan capacity, not less, m³/hour
Diesel fuel according to GOST 305-82 at ambient air temperature
from 0 ºC and above - S (Summer)
from -20 ºC and below - W (Winter)
from -45 ºC and below - A (Arctic)
Fuel consumption, not more than l/hour
Power consumption, not more, W
Power supply voltage, V
Frequency, Hz
Temperature setting range inside the module using a thermostat, °С
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm
Weight, not more, kg
Fuel tank volume, not less, l
Continuous operation with a full fuel tank, at least, h

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