Supercharger SC-1300

The supercharger is an electro turbine device in a conveniently portable aluminum enclosure with a front-end cap and handle on top. The supercharger is designed to operate at ambient air temperatures from - 50ºC to +50ºC with relative humidity up to 98% at 25ºC.


Operating modeContinuous manual or automatic
Rated supply voltage from a single-phase AC network with a frequency of 50 Hz with a dead grounded neutral
220 В
Power consumption, kW
not more than 1,3
Maximum static pressure, kPa
Noise level - not more than, dB
Protection class
IP 22
Mode of operation, (30 min. - work, 20 min. - break)
Overall dimensions, mm
not more than 270х220х260 (without taking into account the pressure hose)

When the supercharger is turned on, a turbine device is actuated, which pumps air in through the rear cover louvers and pressurizes it through the air duct hose into the cylinders of the module’s pneumatic frame. When the DPC is in operation, the supercharger automatically shuts down when the operating pressure in the module pneumatic frame is reached and automatically turns on when the pressure drops below the operating range.

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